Palmdale Memorial Park

Palmdale Group + Botton + Gardiner

Tranquil setting for reflection + remembrance

Set within award-winning landscaped and manicured gardens, Palmdale Memorial Park in the Central Coast, NSW, provides visitors with a calming environment that offers a sense of dignity and honor to the memory of loved ones. 

A peaceful sanctuary

Whether it be undercover or outdoors, peaceful sanctuaries within Palmdale Memorial Park allow visitors to take time to remember and honor those they have cherished and lost. Forging a strong connection between the indoors and outdoors makes the spaces feel more expansive. It also encourages an easy flow between the areas, which works particularly well when memorial services are conducted there.

Natural beauty + materials

To complement the natural beauty of the park and its rural surroundings, natural materials were used throughout. Spotted Gum hardwood and sandstone provide warm textural elements, while adding a sturdiness to the designed environment. Terrain plinth seats and benches perch on large sandstone blocks in the sheltered haven, while pairs of Urban seats face each other in the garden outside offering comfort and support to those that visit the area.

Solidity + permanence

In collaboration with the Palmdale Group, our in-house design team customized the Terrain plinth seating to mount on large sandstone blocks. Thicker trapezoidal hardwood battens and additional steel framing were used to take the wide span between the blocks. Robust and durable, the Terrain collection combined with the honed sandstone provides a sense of solidity and permanence to an area that reminds us of our own mortality and impermanence.  

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