Merrifield Recreation Reserve

JMac Constructions

Public spaces for community wellbeing

As part of the new master-planned community and housing development in Mickleham, Melbourne, the Merrifield Recreation Reserve spans 9.5 hectares and incorporates a range of sporting and play facilities for the 25,000 residents who also have access to three schools, a city centre and business park.

Welcoming + inclusive spaces

With two ovals for AFL and cricket, six tennis courts, a court for half basketball and half netball, a fitness node, a playground and a skatepark, the Merrifield Recreation Reserve offers a host of outdoor and undercover activities for a range of age groups and abilities. A 5000sqm off-leash dog park is also part of the development with a communal shelter for dog owners to interact.

Structure + strength

Various settings were created to encourage group gatherings or solo reflection in the reserve. The Spiire Landscape Architecture team chose to feature the Terrain collection extensively throughout the project due to its combination of linear battens and sleek steel frame to create a visually and structurally strong setting.

The Terrain bench and table settings. as well as the seats, are not only highly durable but also beautifully complement the design features of the development.

New territory

As part of the project, our Terrain collection was modified to feature Duraslat™ in place of the trapezoidal hardwood battens that are usually used as part of the design. The choice of Duraslat™ provides a new aesthetic for this contemporary collection. Plus, it ticks the boxes for sustainable, durable, and low-maintenance material selections for the outdoors.

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